Hi! I'm Christine!

I am a devoted mom & wife with a passion for photography.

My hubby & I have one year old twin girls, a nine year old little boy (he'll be little forever to me though he's catching up to my height!) and a 19 year old daughter who just finished her first semester away at college! Things are crazy around here, but in a beautiful way & I am so grateful!

I love being a mom & I love watching all my little clients grow.

My mission is to capture the things you want so badly to be able to hold onto forever--Your newborn's tiny toes, the way he wrinkles his nose, their scowls or her pout......The way he raises his eyebrow, the twinkle in her eyes and, yes, of course--Their delightful smiles. The love between you and your special someone. The bond between you and your family. Nothing makes me happier than capturing what you've always dreamed of capturing and presenting it to you in a way that you can treasure forever. Every child has something uniquely beautiful. My own children inspire me every day & yours will, too.